Nursery (0-2 Years)

Babies are active learners, who immediately explore and investigate the physical world with their senses before they begin to grasp concepts with their minds. Enriching experiences during the nursery years plays an important role in the “hard-wiring” of a child’s brain allowing for the intellectual and emotional development of the child. Experiences involving what they touch, hear and see start to shape their understanding of our world; whilst their motor skills begin to develop as they find their way up and down, over and under! And what a privilege that you have entrusted us to provide your baby with what they need: a safe environment, rich with opportunities to actively explore, learn and grow!

nursery-img-3Through constant communication with you we endeavour to ensure any changes to your baby’s routines at home are replicated at the centre, to allow for a smooth transition with minimal disruption. This personal touch is made possible by our team of passionate and dedicated educators, who are always willing to go that extra mile and who will nurture your baby through this important stage of discovery and development.

A typical day in the nursery room:

07:00am – 09:00am

Centre Opens

Babies and infants a resettled

Breakfast is served until 08:00am

Child-initiated play in safe and nurturing environment

09:00am – 11:00am

Implementation of 5 Star curriculum through planned experiences

Morning Tea is served

Morning sleep time

11:00am – 02:00pm

Wholesome lunch is served freshly prepared on-site by our chef

Midday sleep time

Reading time– includes book of the week

02:00pm – 04:00pm

Afternoon tea is served

Sleep and rest time if required

Implementation of 5 Star curriculum through planned experiences

Indoor/ outdoor child-initiated play

04:00pm – 06:00pm

Late afternoon snack is served at 5pm

Indoor/ outdoor child-initiated play

Centre closes at 6pm