With the premise that each child is an individual with unique needs, interests and patterns of growth, our education curriculum embraces rich experiences that draw on all children’s abilities and interests, while stimulating new learning. Our program facilitates the social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth of children and is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. Concepts are taught through intentional experiences and activities, using open-ended materials to ignite the child’s imagination and develop a love of life-long learning!

Children grow at their own pace. With that in mind, we have adopted a “small group” learning approach so that our team of highly qualified educators are constantly observing children’s challenges, skills and achievements.

Our Education program consists of the following:

Literacy and Numeracy

To create an environment where children develop a love of language, reading and writing; whilst building on their numeracy skills through counting, sorting, patterns and problem solving.

Explore and Discover

To stimulate a child’s innate sense of wonder and curiosity by encouraging children to question, explore and discover the world through science and technology

Create and Appreciate

To develop an interest and express themselves through art, music, dance and drama, whilst gaining an appreciation for theirs and others creations

Care and Wellbeing

To foster positive attitudes and incorporate healthful habits into daily routines, whilst guiding them to make safe choices, helping them set up for a safe future.

Me and Others

Social and emotional learning is paramount as children learn to value and respect people, whilst building their sense of belonging and identity.